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Firstly, we would ask that you contact us before coming along to one of our Saturday morning sessions. The club's Training Officer will be able to help you with any questions you might have.

You will then be able to arrange a TRY SNORKELLING SESSION. This includes a simple swimming test and Medical declaration form (Medical declaration needs to be countersigned by an adult for persons under the age of 18 years).

After your initial try snorkelling session you will be expected to join the club if you want to continue to come to any of the club sessions.

If you wish to be part of the club you will need to do a number of things

  1. Fill out an enrolment form
  2. Supply two passport size photos
  3. Pay the following fees.

Ruislip Snorkelling Club

2024 Annual Subscription and Pool Fees

Members £210.00 each:
One full payment of £210.00
1 x £90.00 cheque PLUS 3 x £40.00 cheques = £210.00 total.

Family of 3 or more £160.00 each family member:
One full payment of £160.00 for each family member
1 x £70.00 cheque PLUS 3 x £30.00 cheques = £160.00 total.

Students living away from home £78.75 each:
£78.75 = Full payment

Membership fees are for a whole year. Any fees paid with post-dated cheques will not be refunded if a member decides to leave the club partway through the year.

New members additional cost first year:

Qualification book & Snorkel Diver Manual = £8.00

The membership fee includes a BSAC snorkelling member levy.


These amounts may change in the future although changes should be minimal.



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For any comments, suggestions, or improvements please email Ruislip Snorkelling Club